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Talent Experience Platform

Engage your Employees with EdCast’s Talent Experience Platform

Talent Management has become vital amidst the Covid-19 pandemic that has disrupted current business models. Incorporating a talent experience platform for hybrid working conditions is productive and valuable in the long term. As skill gaps are increasing, organizations are hiring to fill their talent needs. Research shows skill gaps over the last five years have been addressed by hiring (~66%) respondents] or skill-building through reskilling (56%).

McKinsey reports that companies that promptly allocate talent to opportunities have more than twice the likelihood of performance and deliver better results per dollar spent.

Features of the EdCast Talent Experience Platform

Amidst the changing professional landscape, a talent experience platform helps maintain relevance. Here are some essential features of a TXP:

Learning Experience

  • The best TXP allows curated, aggregated, personalized learning content with an AI-powered learner-driven experience. With AI, employees can search for assets within the organization.
  • With a single point of entry, employees can access all learning resources.
  • With user-generated content creation, targeting, and distribution EdCast TXP is highly engaging.

Skilling Experience

  • Using SkillsDNA enables employees to develop skills and capabilities for teams and organizations, simplifying workforce planning and skill development.
  • 360 Skill Assessment helps employees understand their responsibilities, strengths, and scope for improvement and automatically suggests learning material.
  • Learning/Skill Goals allow employees to select learning goals based on their current interests, which helps the system offer personalized recommendations.
  • The AI-based assessment assesses lifecycle skills management at individual, functional, and organizational levels.
  • The Customer Skill Matrix provides multidimensional capabilities to create and connect job roles with the talent.
  • With Skills Graph, companies and organizations can create skill patterns with a competitive advantage to execute business strategy.

Career Mobility

  • Integrated with Gloat/Fuel 50, employees can develop their expertise with a structured approach increasing productivity and employee retention.
  • It offers career-based learning goals, projects, experiences, and career pathing.


  • A comprehensive analytics platform with data-driven insights helps track and report learning, skilling, and career development activities.
  • This allows HR, L&D, and frontline workers to make informed decisions.

How Will the Edcast Txp Help Your Company?

Agile recruiting

Companies can track and organize applications with the recruiting software. With workforce planning, sourcing, analytics, and applicant tracking, companies can consistently hire according to the skills they require.

Increases employee engagement

When learning and development opportunities are provided to employees, their engagement in contributing to the company increases; with EdCast TXP, employees can improve their skills, enhancing performance.

Improves employee alignment and experience

Performance management is critical for employee alignment to enhance existing performance management practices. The best TXP needs to be an adaptable platform, like EdCast, that enables frequent check-ins, 360-degree feedback, and employee goals within competent frameworks.

Better collaboration

Collaboration in the workplace improves business outcomes, performance, and engagement. Research shows a preference for informal workplace learning experiences rather than corporate training and e-learning. 87% identify that sharing social knowledge among team members is essential, and 37% perceive formal company training as equally vital.


The best talent experience platform integrates the company’s requirements with the employee. It provides a comprehensive view of employee development in a single integrated UX by constantly engaging with the employee’s life cycle, from onboarding until departure.

The EdCast TXP powers the employee experience by integrating learning, skill-building, and career development leading to high performance.

The EdCast TXP is AI-powered, mobile-first, and delivers personalized learning in workflow. Reach out to us to start your learning and development transformation journey in your organization with the best TXP features.

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